Are you asking the right questions when sofa hunting?

Nelly Cushion

"What makes a good sofa?" you might ask. Here's a little list of things to look out for the next time you have to search through a whole lot of sofas. It will help you find something of good quality in the sea of cheap construction that's out there.

1. Check the framework

IMG_2619 You should make sure that your sofa has solid timber framework. Think of all the things a sofa goes through: flurried jumping from kids who think the floor is lava, and the squishing together of lots of bottoms during parties. Sofas also endure your weight all day during a Netflix binge. If you want a sofa that will last the distance, a sturdy frame is key. (Some particle board or MDF in the panels is usual. Just make sure the structural elements are solid timber)

What to ask:  'Is the frame solid timber, MDF or particleboard?'



2. Quality leather and fabric

Tal sofa detail

Now let's think about what is covering your sofa. You should have a think about the kind of fabric that you want. If you're after something spill-proof, then well-cured, dark leather might be what you are after. Remember the 3 basic leather types:

Analine- Usually dyed in natural tones to allow the hide's texture and little imperfections to show through. The most sought after leather, but pricey and the least stain resistant.

Semi-Aniline - A More affordable leather, it's more durable than aniline whilst still retaining a natural appearance. The increased durability is provided by the application of a light surface coating which contains a small amount of pigment. This ensures consistent colour and imparts some stain resistance.  A good mid range leather.

Pigmented leather - Is the most durable and stain resistant, having a polymer (paint) coating,  and hence available in a huge range of colours. Less natural looking than aniline leathers, but more affordable.

What to ask: 'Is the leather aniline, Semi-Aniline or pigmented.'

Fabrics are enjoying a revival and provide a great base for a room's scheme. Keep the pattern simple, but remember that what may seem like a strong check on a tiny sample will mellow once you see it on the whole sofa. So be brave!

Commercial grade fabrics are a great choice and they have a higher Martingale Rub score (the industry standard wear rating) and are designed for all sorts of unmentionable little accidents.

What to ask: 'Is this a commercial or residential grade fabric?'



3. Keep an eye on lead times

You may think you have found the perfect sofa, but sometimes lead times can be a real disappointment. Be sure to ask the lead time before you lose your heart to that gorgeous wool crepe wingback on the showroom floor.

What to ask: 'What is the worst-case-scenario lead time?'



4. Support

In a sofa, it's incredibly important to get the squish factor right. To ensure your sofa remains comfy as can be for years to come, go for solid springs over webbing. Springs will give you a soft feeling that lasts.


 You should also ensure the foam is extra dense where you'll need it the most - think thick when it comes to your sofa's seat and back. We love the high density foam in the seat and the feather/foam combination built into channels in the cushions.


What to ask: 'Do you use springs or webbing in the seat base?'

5. Warranty


Sofas will have a different warranty for the frame compared to the other parts. It's quite easy to tell if a frame is faulty, but what is considered normal wear and tear on fabrics and fillings is open to debate. Slightly deflated foam after a few years is considered normal. Deflation after 3 months is not.

What to ask: ' What is your structural warranty and your fabric and foam warranty?'





Say hello to SKETCH





A fresh shipment of chic Danish furniture has landed at Ambassador Home @ Angove Street Collective. That's right, we've added a stylish new line of minimalist Scandinavian sofas, chairs and tables to our existing range. It's been transported all the way from chilly Europe to sunny North Perth, and we're so excited!

It's not just because the Sketch modular sofas are so gorgeously simple in design. Nor because they will look great in any room in the house, and come in a range of colours and fabrics that are sure to suit a variety of décor schemes. We love these sofas because they are built to last.

The Sketch sofas are constructed using No-Zag springs, which are renowned for their strength and longevity. The seat cushions are high density endurofoam, with a soft wadding envelope, while the seat back cushions are the perfect mix of natural duck feather for softness, and foam ball wadding for structure and bounce back.

And best of all, we may just have your brand new sofa in stock ready to take home today!

So there you have it, finding a new sofa can be as easy as counting to 5! Come in and choose your favourite style at Ambassador Home.